A New Mixed-Use Community Addition
to The Western Avenue Corridor

1.5+ Acres of

At the core of this community will be approximately 72,000 (1.65 acres) square feet of publicly accessible open and green spaces, open for all to enjoy.

Greater Connectivity

A new connection with the Telford Street footbridge spanning Soldiers Field Road will improve the pedestrian and cyclist connection between the recreational areas along the Charles River and the Western Avenue Corridor.


Look forward to approximately 14,500 square feet of ground floor retail, providing new and unique shopping, dining, and entertainment options, and a new 255-key hotel located on site to complete this vibrant mixed-use community.


In addition to fostering alternative modes of transportation and focusing on compliance with LEED standards for construction, the project design will play an important role in the infiltration of rain-water and mitigation of urban heat island effect in response to the realities of a changing world.

Located at 1234-1240 Soldiers Field Road in Lower Allston, this mixed-use project proposal put forth by The Davis Companies is in the initial stages of filing with the City of Boston.

As we begin our community engagement, we look forward to working with residents and local community leaders to help guide the vision for this site and its accompanying community benefits. 

One of the driving features of our proposal is improving the connectivity between the recreational areas along the Charles River and the Allston community. A new accessible ramp will meet the Telford Street footbridge spanning Soldiers Field Road, connecting the project’s expansive publicly accessible open space to the Charles River and helping to create a more continuous and pleasant experience for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

We are also heavily focused on the public realm and are committed to ensuring that the development’s more than 1.5 acres of publicly accessible open space – representing more than 50% of the site area and serving prominently as the project’s signature feature around which the balance of the program is centered – truly creates the greatest possible value for Lower Allston and the Allston-Brighton community more broadly.

This space will be professionally maintained and landscaped, with art and other programming that is directly responsive to the community’s preferences and desires and augmented by ground floor retail space to foster four season activity. We are actively seeking community input into public art, civic programming initiatives and retail opportunities that will enliven this exciting space as a complement to the recreational opportunities along the Charles River. We also see an important opportunity to address the realities of a changing world and plan to design this plaza’s landscaping in a way that mitigates urban heat island effects and provides a needed infiltration area for rainwater.

In addition to the project’s publicly accessible open space, the proposal includes two residential buildings with ground-floor retail and a 255-key hotel. With capacity for 535 apartments and 120 condominiums, each with integrated affordable housing units, it is our intention to provide a range of options for both renters and homeowners alike. The addition of new hospitality and retail offerings should serve to create a truly vibrant and welcoming mixed-use development.

Although we are excited about our initial proposal for this site, this is just the beginning of the conversation with the Allston-Brighton community.

We invite you to take our survey, follow us online, utilize this website to provide feedback and attend our public events to learn more about this project and provide your own ideas and suggestions for making this a truly exciting place for all to enjoy.


SF of publicly accessible open space


SF of ground
floor retail


apartment units




new hotel rooms


The project’s location along the Western Avenue Corridor will help to improve connectivity between existing and future publicly accessible green spaces, as well as increase pedestrian and bicycle linkage between Lower Allston and the Charles River.

About Our Team

The Davis Companies has been a proud member of the Boston community since its founding in 1976. Over its nearly 45-year history, The Davis Companies has earned a reputation for integrity, creativity and excellence, making it one of the premier real estate investment, development and management firms in the northeast U.S.

This project marks The Davis Companies’ fourth investment in the Allston-Brighton community following the development of the Telford 180 Condominium, the redevelopment of the former Days Hotel into the Studio Allston and the acquisition of the former Kindred Hospital site on Commonwealth Avenue which is currently going through the City’s permitting process for redevelopment. Through its investments in the community, The Davis Companies has been honored to find partnership opportunities with a number of Allston-Brighton’s most important nonprofits and community institutions including The Gardner Pilot Academy, Charles River Watershed Association, Veronica B. Smith Senior Center, Oak Square YMCA, The Boston Housing Authority’s Commonwealth/Fidelis Way Community, Franciscans Hospital, The Kiwanis Club of Allston Brighton, Community Rowing and others. The relationships we have formed in this community are profoundly important to us and we welcome the opportunity to forge new – and strengthen existing – connections through engagement around this exciting project.

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The information on this website is forward thinking and subject to change. Renderings shown here represent our initial proposal for this site —  this is just the beginning of the conversation with the Allston-Brighton community.